Product Review Oats & Porridge

Welcome to Part ONE of our product reviews on the CEREAL AISLE! First up, OATS!

Before we start, we have no affiliations with the food industry for this very reason – so we can be completely neutral and transparent when reviewing the best options for you!

This infographic shows where the leaders are in each category, however for a full overview of options and insights, keep scrolling on!

Plain Oats & Porridge

The plain, traditional & quick oats from all brands are pretty good and you can’t really go wrong! Choose the option that fits your budget and also the time you have in the morning to cook them. You can always also add extra grains, nuts and seeds to up the flavour 🙂


All of them!

Worth a Mention

If you are going for an option that will keep you full the longest, the traditional rolled and steel-cut oats will keep you fuller than quick oats as they will take longer for the body to break down due to their size. However, these forms of oats do take longer to cook, so consider how much time you have in the morning.

Sachet Oats and Porridge

Instant oat sachets are great if you are on the go or are needing some help with portions. The sachets also have more variety in flavours if plain oats aren’t your thing. The cost increases and the ingredients list becomes a little more extensive – however, this isn’t always a bad thing, just scan the first few ingredients to see if sugar makes it into the top 3 ingredients, as this will give you a good hint that the sugar content is going to be on the higher side.

Also, look for added nuts & seeds for a boost of flavour, healthy fats and an added fullness factor!


  • Carman’s Natural 5 Grain & Super Seed Sachets
  • Carman’s Almond, Pecan & Hazelnut Sachets
  • Carman’s Apple, Sultana & Cinnamon Sachets (Although it reads high in sugar (19g), the ingredients list is made up of oats and fruits)
  • Heritage Mill Seeds & Grains Sachets
  • Macro Wholegrain Sachets

BS Awards:

  • All Uncle Toby’s Quick Sachet ranges – with most coming very close to being 1/4 sugar.
  • Uncle Toby’s Energy Oats – WHY add maltodextrin (type of carbohydrate) to oats?


Uncle Toby’s New Energy & Protein Range

These are very new on the shelf and are worth a mention. There is a higher energy option, or a higher protein option. As you can see the higher protein option has around double the protein of other sachet oats due to the added soy protein. Although the protein one could be a handy recovery on the go, the energy one with it’s added maltodextrin and sugars is likely not one we would recommend regularly – but points for impressive marketing I guess?

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