We Do Dietitian Differently, Here is Why.

You have hit this page looking for a Dietitian or Nutritionist and may be looking for the ‘Book Appointment’ button.

Well, I am going to save you some time, you won’t find one here.

(& if you have ever seen a specialist only to never do the rehab exercises recommended to you, you may get an inkling to why we have loved shaking things up!).

Over more than a decade as a Sports Dietitian for all levels of athlete, I listened (a lot).

The more I listened, the more I got an itch to shift how we supported you to realising and sustaining your definition of performance.

The improvements that you are aiming to achieve, those things that found you landing on this page, don’t happen while in the clinic room. Progress (and all the curve-balls that life throws) happens while you are living within your environment – your home, your kitchen, during training sessions, across events and while you do the grocery shopping.

Saving up all your questions, losing hours from your working to attend an appointment, having to blindly translate changes to your home by yourself and feeling like a failure between appointments when things don’t go to plan doesn’t feel all that empowering.

So with that in mind, over the last few years we have built a technology that launches unlimited nutrition support to be available when and where you need it.

You still snag your own personal Accredited Performance Dietitian, but alongside these epic discussions you will be accessing the tools specific to you that makes progress feel so much easier and more enjoyable. Most importantly, everything we provide is unique to you to ensure we are matching habits that meet you at where you are currently at.

Feeling Ready to Experience Your Definition of Performance?

If it is a heck yes, then we are flipping excited! Start here to receive your complimentary nutrition assessment.

A little piece of amazing delivered personally by one of our Performance Dietitians (like from an actual person, not a generic pdf download).

Still unsure if we are the right fit? That’s ok! Ensuring you feel comfortable and confident is a crucial step in trusting us with something so personal as food.

So with that, here are few other pieces that we would love to share with you that are a little different to what you may have seen or experienced before:

We don’t tell you what to do, but rather the why and the how.

Knowledge is only power if you are able to translate this information into your life, and for that we talk food in a language that means something to you and is relevant to your own personal filter to nutrition – the history, the culture, the preferences and the social occasion. Food is more than numbers of calories or macros.

We see meal plans or menus as the cast to a broken bone.

Meal plans shouldn’t be sold as the solution but rather something temporary and not necessarily ideal of everyone. These are a tool that may add support and build strength in decisions while we add confidence to evolve your relationship with food.

We actually don’t want you to need us forever.

We are here to help you progress to independence and resilience when it comes to food choice for your performance – so over time you get to a point of graduation, not cancellation. I know, weird business model, but we are here for you rather than sales trickery.

We acknowledge that we are going to be asking you to be vulnerable.

Whether you are looking to perfect your race nutrition, receive support for binge eating or learn how to time your daily training nutrition, there will be times where you are feeling a little outside your comfort zone because that’s how we achieve the magic in progress. The beauty is, with this shake-up in support, you will be making changes while feeling safe to make the occasional fall – alongside your safety net, your Dietitian.

Alicia Edge


Alicia is the head Advanced Sports Dietitian at Compeat Nutrition. She is also a mum and triathlete, so advice extends beyond the basics and is instead focused on providing effective and achievable nutrition for both training and racing.

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